Data protection

ReiCo GmbH on the issue of data protection

Protection of personal data is an important issue to us. Therefore, all our activities with the applicable legal provisions on the protection of personal data and with the relevant data security provisions. Below you will learn which data will be logged by us if necessary, how we will proceed with them and to whom we might make them available.

Personal data

We will not log any personal data (e.g. names, addresses, phone numbers or email addresses) via our web sites other than such information as is voluntarily given to us by you (e.g. by registration or survey) or data to the use of which you have agreed, unless such data logging is permitted by the legal provisions applicable to the protection of your data.


All personal data supplied by you are generally used to answer your inquiries, process your orders or make certain information or offers available to you. In the frame of customer relationship management it may be necessary to

  • store, process and transfer your personal data to our subsidiaries worldwide in order to answer your needs and requirements in the best possible way or to optimize our products and services; or to
  • use (or order third parties to use) such personal data to the purpose of informing you of Inox-Cleaner offers which are beneficial to your business activities, or to conduct online surveys in order to meet customer requirements even better.
We will of course respect your refusal to our use of your personal data for customer relationship purposes (particularly direct marketing and market research). We will neither sell your personal data to third parties nor market them otherwise, except transferring them to companies within the ReiCo group.

Restricted use
ReiCo GmbH will not log, process and use the personal data supplied online by you for any other purposes than those communicated to you, unless such logging processing and use.

  • serves another purpose which is directly related to the original purpose the personal data were logged for,
  • is necessary for preparing, negotiating or performing a contract with you,
  • is required by legal obligation, official or court order,
  • is required to substantiate or protect legal claims or to counter legal actions,
  • serves the prevention of misuse or other unlawful activities such as intentional attacks on the ReiCo GmbH data security systems.

Communicational or usage-related data

If you access our websites via telecommunication services, communicational data (e.g. your IP address) or usage-related data (e.g. statement of time and duration of usage and of the telecommunication services used by you) will be automatically generated. From this information, personal data might be inferred. Inasmuch as logging, processing and use of your communicational or usage-related data is indispensable, it is subject to the legal provisions on data protection.

Automatically logged non-personal data

If you access our websites, information, which is not allocated to a specific person (e.g. internet browser and operating system used, domain name of the previously visited website, number of visits, average dwell time, accessed pages) may occasionally be gathered automatically (i.e. not via registration). These data are used by us and our subsidiaries worldwide to assess the user appeal of our websites and to improve them in terms of performance and contents.

"Cookies" - data stored on your computer automatically

If you visit one of our web pages, information in the form of a "cookie" might be stored on your computer, which is then automatically recognized the next time you access the same site. Cookies enable us to adapt a website to your interests or to store your password to spare you the trouble of re-entering it every time you visit the site. If you don't want us to identify your computer, please set your Internet browser to delete cookies from your hard disc, to block cookies or to warn you before storing a cookie.


ReiCo GmbH will not log children's personal data knowingly without explicitly indicating that such data should only be transmitted with parental consent, if provided for by applicable legal provisions. Basically, children's personal data will only be used or transferred by us inasmuch as legally permitted, to the purpose of obtaining the statutory parental consent or protecting children. The term 'child, children' as used here is to be understood in keeping with the nationally applicable legal provisions and cultural customs.


ReiCo GmbH takes technological and organizational security measures to protect your personal data from accidental or unauthorized deletion, alteration or from loss and unauthorized transfer or unauthorized access.

Links to other websites

The ReiCo GmbH websites contain links to other websites. ReiCo GmbHis not responsible for the data protection policies or content of such other websites.

Questions and comments

ReiCo GmbH will react to any appropriate inquiry for access to and, if required, correction, completion or deletion of personal data. If you have any questions or comments on our data protection policy (e.g. concerning access to and updating of your personal data), please click the 'Contact' button in the navigation aid at the left bottom corner of this screen. Along with the further development of the Internet we will also continuously adapt our data protection policy. Any changes thereto will be indicated on this page in time. You should therefore access this page regularly to inform yourself on the current data protection policy.