Expert opinions about Inox-Cleaner ®

The following ratings and expert opinions on the Inox-Cleaner ® have been ordered by us on customer request.

Center of Technology for water in Karlsruhe checks Inox-Cleaner ®
The TZW Karlsruhe (Center of Technology for Water, Karlsruhe, an institution of the DVGW) has approved Inox-Cleaner ® for the cleaning of pumps, valves and pipes made of metal for the drinking water section, corresponding to DVGW-bulletin W 319.

State Materials Testing Laboratory of North Rhine Westphalia
In a 48-hour ageing test with a 1:3 solution of Inox-Cleaner ®, the State Materials Testing Laboratory of North Rhine Westphalia (MPA NRW) examined the effect of the cleaner on (a) an impeller and (b) the rubber parts of a submersible pump.

The rubber parts are not changed at all, they do not even swell. Visual inspection of the welding seams of the disassembled impeller yielded no signs of excessive corrosive action, although the weldings had not been surface-finished.

Institute Fresenius

Inox-Cleaner ® was tested according to the German Food and Requisites Act (LMBG) by Fresenius Institute.

The cleaner is mixable with water and can be rinsed off without residues, undesired transfer of cleaner constituents to food can be avoided by due application. Consequently, Inox-Cleaner is suitable for use in industrial applications.