Pipe Protect

Secures the outcome of water cooling circuits

•    Prevents to a large extent incrustations by lime deposits
•    Protects against corrosion (rust)
•    economically by possibility of high dilution

ReiCo GmbH – as an accepted specialist for the cleaning of pumps and fittings – is also active and successful in the business area of cooling and tempering devices: if the outcome of a heat exchanger or tempering device is reduced by lime deposits, the application of the special cleaner Inox Cleaner has proven to be a valid problem solution.

Where this is possible, deposits should be prevented however from the beginning. In closed systems the operator can now establish the conditions (using Pipe Protect), that problems caused by lime or corrosion products in pipes do not occur at all.

Pipe Protect is a special product developed for ReiCo, which minimizes deposits by corrosion and lime in water cooling circuits and thereby secures the cooling performance.

Pipe Protect is characterised by very good complexing abilities of calcium and magnesium ions over a broad pH spectrum. The formed metal complexes are very well water soluble and prevent precipitations even with grades of water hardness up to 100°dH. The regular application of ReiCo Pipe Protect secures the desired heat exchange and thereby the efficiency of water cooling circuits.


Depending on the case of application a concentration of ReiCo Pipe Protect between 0,1 and 1,0% in the cooling agent offers an outstanding lime and corrosion protection.

ReiCo offers a technical support for the application of Pipe Protect. Pleas do not hesitate to make use of this consultation to prevents application errors. Together we find an appropriate and secure solution.
Product data:

This concerns a mixture of carbonic acid polymers and a synergetic mixture of phosphonic acids and activators.

pH-value (1perc.): approx. 8,7
Water solubility: mixable in ever percentage
Storage stability: at room temperature about 1 year
Appearance: brown liquid