Inox-Cleaner stainless steel

Special cleaner for pumps, heat exchangers
pipes & fittings

Inox Cleaner offers an economic and environmental alternative to the conventional industrial cleaning of stainless steel and cast iron surfaces with sandblasting devices, high pressure cleaners and aggressive acids.

The most important features of the Inox-Cleaner-technology
at a glance:

• removes ochre, calcium, manganese, trace of corrosion, tinder and greases
• suitable for stainless steel (dilution factor 1:3 to 1:50 depending on level of soiling; when highly diluted also suitable for cast iron)
• contains high quality corrosion inhibitors and does not foam up
• the cleaner is biologically degradable (in accordance with OECD direction 301-A)
• Classified in the low water pollution class 1 (i.e. handling is also possible without problems in protected water pollution areas)
• also suitable for water pipes and piping systems
• Can be used in immersion, spraying or circulation systems

Expert opinions are available for
•    Institute Fresenius
•    Center for Technology Water in Karlsruhe (according to DVGW-Guideline 319)
•    The Materials Testing Office of North Rhine Westphalia (MPA NRW)

Hints for usage: Pump cleaning with Inox-Cleaner


 Disassemble the pump's hydraulic system. Important: take care of small parts!

 Pre-clean the pump parts with a high pressure cleaner. Please have in mind: Disposits that can easily be removed this way, later on do not soil the immersion bath (costs!)

 The pre-cleaned pump parts can now be put into the immersion bath. Experience has shown, that a dilution of 1:4 at a temperature of 20°C is most suitable for a cleaning procedure. Important: if the cleaner's temperature is lower than 12°C, Inox-Cleaner has no longer got any effect.

 Make sure that all parts are completely covered with the cleaner. If that is not the case, the border at the fluid's surface can, after a while, result in a so called contact-border.


Pump parts made of stainless steel and noryl can be let in the immersion bath for a longer time (even more than 5 hours). Inox-Cleaner is limited suitable for materials of cast iron. Please ask our technical support before any uncertain usage.


 The cleaning power of Inox-Cleaner gets weaker at a pH level about 3,5. The total cleaning time then gets longer.

 For neutralization simply add water until reaching a neutral value of pH=7. As an alternative our product Neutralin can be used for neutralization.

 The cleaning procedure can be shortened with the application of ultrasound in a movement bath or by using a hand brush.

 Flush the cleaned parts with water. By flushing with water you reach a passivation layer that protects the surface after a cleaning of stainless steel.