The Bypass method (developed by ReiCo GmbH)

When Inox-Cleaner ® is applied with the bypass-method, the cleaning-process is usually done in 20 to 30 minutes. Bypass-method means, that the pump circulates the cleaner itself. Here are two examples how customers of ReiCo GmbH flush their pumps with the bypass-method.

By applying Inox-Cleaner ®, regular cleaning-methods for pumps, water-bearing stainless steel parts, i.e. the usage of pressure and sandjets, can be highly economised. The result is even better than with common mechanical cleaning-techniques.

Everywhere in the hydraulic system of an submersible pump, where there are flow-turbulences - especially at the impeller and in the area of lead-in and lead-out of pressure-levels - slicky brown iron hydroxide compositions deposit. Inox-Cleaner ®, applied with the bypass-method, cleans the pump free of any residuals, everywhere!

Deep down in wells installed submersible pumps have to be cleaned regularly - depending on the quality of the ground water, they soil with depositions of natural iron mud, lime, rust and tinder. Cleaning with Inox-Cleaner ® will be fast, effective and cost-efficient. The cleaning-result is perfect.